We offer free consultations

In a variety of circumstances, we accept plaintiffs’ cases on a contingency fee arrangement. In making our decision, we balance the strength of the case and the financial condition of the client with the complexity of the issues and the risk involved. However, in an effort to provide fair access to experienced legal counsel, we routinely work through fee issues with our clients in a fair and just manner.

We also offer hybrid fee arrangements under certain circumstances in plaintiffs’ cases to accommodate the client. For defense cases, we typically require a retainer fee at the start of the attorney-client relationship and thereafter issue monthly billing, as necessary. Retainer fees are negotiable.

Free Pay Stub Audit

If you feel like your employer is withholding wages, you might feel like you’re in a position of hopelessness. You want to get paid fairly, but don’t know where to start. Glenn D. Levy has the solution, and will help you with your case to ensure you receive your just pay with a free pay stub audit.

The information on your pay stub should be accurate and reflect the wages that you have earned as an employee. If you notice any discrepancy in the amount reported then you might be subject to compensation from your employer.

We will sit down with you and review your information to ensure that you are getting the wages you have earned.

Attorney Referrals

It is with the greatest of compliments when colleagues refer employment-related cases to us and we appreciate each referral we recieve. It is our general office policy to happily negotiate a reasonable referral fee according to applicable state bar rules of professional conduct when requested.