If your employer has fired you for seemingly no reason, you might feel frustrated, angry, and hopeless.

You’ve lost your source of income, and you deserve to seek answers to get compensation for your work. You could require the services of a wrongful termination attorney. The Law Office of Glenn D. Levy’s goal as a wrongful termination lawyer is to ensure that you find the answers and that you receive retribution if your employer is at fault of wrongful termination under employment law.

Wrongful Termination in Texas is Different

You could be fired and not be given an answer as to why. Wrongful termination in Texas is a unique subject. Under the employment law of Texas, employees are hired at-will, meaning that there is no liability when the working relationship is over and you could be terminated without what is known as “just cause.”
You could be fired and not be given an answer as to why. Imagine walking into your office, being told it’s your final day and handed your final paycheck without any consequences from the employer’s side.

However, you do have protection if you were fired for an unlawful reason. In this case, you could have a solid foundation for a case against your employer due to wrongful termination.

Circumstances of Wrongful Termination in Texas

There are a number of reasons that are unlawful as factors for your termination and might be protected by state and federal employee law. These include:

  • Being fired based on your race, sex, age, disability, or religion
  • Fired due to reporting an issue in the workplace
  • Serving in a jury and being fired as a result
  • Filing a worker’s compensation claim at work,resulting in your termination
  • Taking medical leave and being let out go as a result of your abscence
  • Serving in the military forces and being terminated upon your return
  • Going on maternity leave and being fired upon your return
fired employee carrying box

Wrongful termination based on these factors could be grounds for your employer to be held liable for their actions and to provide you with the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Application of Texas employment law is assessed on a case-by-case basis. As such, each case involves a variety of circumstances that are best analyzed alongside the consultation of a qualified attorney for each situation.

If you believe you’ve been terminated based on unethical or unlawful grounds, contact The Law Office of Glenn D. Levy and we’ll review your case.