man working in oil field

Many individuals here in Texas have employment in the oil and gas industry. As with any type of worker, oil and gas workers deserve to be properly paid for their work. Sadly though, workers in this industry are sometimes subjected to wage and hour violations.

In recent years, the federal government has been putting a special focus on cracking down on wage and hour misconduct within the oil and gas industry.

As part of this effort, many investigations have been conducted by the federal government into the wage and hour practices at different oil and gas companies. One such investigation was into an oil and gas company alleged to have required employees at its Corpus Christi refinery to remain at work for a time after their shift ended to conduct briefings for the workers on the next shift and not paying them for this. The company recently paid employees at the refinery back overtime wages in relation to these allegations. The back wages paid totaled nearly $461,000.

Do you think the federal government’s efforts at rooting out violations of wage and hour laws in the gas and oil industry are helping reduce the occurrence of such violations within the industry?

When an oil or gas worker hasn’t been paid for work their employer required them to perform or has been subjected to other wage and hour misconduct, they should consider seeking out an experienced employment law attorney’s representation. Such lawyers can help such workers fight for the wages they deserve.

Source: San Antonio Express-News, “Citgo refinery ordered to pay back overtime wages,” L.M. Sixel, Dec. 21, 2015

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